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CTPost: Sikorsky Airport Deals with Stratford on Airport

Proposed Sikorsky / Main Street land conveyance map
Proposed Sikorsky / Long Beach land conveyance map

Stratford Mayor reaches AIP on Sikorsky Airport expansion dispute


Sikorsky Airport October 2012 RSA Expansion Proposal

Sikorsky Airport 2011 Plan ROD

Sikorsky Airport 1999 Plan ROD


Stratford is not a colony of Bridgeport -- Sikorsky Airport does not take precedence over the social and environmental well-being of Stratford.  The FAA has no Federal authority and Bridgeport has no State authority to compel Stratford's agreement to any  Sikorsky Airport expansion scheme, whatever its form and whatever the pretext.   Any final agreement on the proposed Runway 24 "Safety Area" extension and consequent relocation of South Main Street that is signed by Stratford must include the following minimum conditions:

  1. That this agreement will be the absolutely final increase in the runway / "Safety Area" lengths and operational boundary of Sikorsky Airport.
  2. No more road relocations at either end of Runway 24, ever.
  3. No more transfer to Bridgeport of any Stratford land for airport purposes, ever. 
  4. And finally, Any final agreement must include the transfer to Stratford of all of the salt marsh tidal wetland between Lordship Boulevard and Long Beach West and from Oak Bluff Avenue to the current National Wildlife Refuge boundary, to ensure no future Sikorsky Airport expansion in the form of lights or any other Fill / structures into the beautiful, vital, and irreplaceable natural habitat.    


 Seven PYE questions concerning the proposed relocation of South Main Street to accommodate the extension of Sikorsky Airport Runway 24 for a "Safety Area" 
  1. What is the exact footage of the Runway 24 "Safety Area" extension that will be added to Runway 24?
  2. Is this additional "Safety Area" footage included in the 4,677 foot final Runway 24 length specified in Paragraph 5 and Exhibit B of the proposed agreement, or is it additional footage?
  3. What is the exact distance by which South Main Street will be relocated to accommodate the "Safety Area" extension?
  4. ( A). What guarantee does Stratford have that this agreed-to runway "Safety Area"  extension length will actually be adhered to in the course of construction?      (B).  Will there be technically qualified Stratford official continuously monitoring the road relocation to assure full Bridgeport / FAA compliance with the legally binding "Safety Area" extension length and road relocation path?
  5. Why has there not been a transfer to Stratford of all the salt marsh tidal wetlands between Lordship Boulevard and Long Beach West, not merely the "approximately 38 acres" specified in the Draft Agreement as "Runway Protection Zone," but there is no runway on that side of Lordship Boulevard.   Is the retention by Bridgeport of this area of marsh a prelude to some future expansion of Sikorsky Airport, whether in the form of lights and/or any other fill structures?
  6. How can Bridgeport transfer the Long Beach West Parking Area to Stratford (said transfer to be included in the "approximately 38 acres" of marsh to be transferred) when Stratford already owns it?
  7. The proposed agreement provided to the public is a "draft" agreement;   (A)What are the final details that are still being contested and that remain to be specifically agreed to?    (B) What is the deadline for completing a duly signed and legally binding final agreement?

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