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Sunset at Great Meadows Marsh


Mrs. Phyllis Kriksciun, one of the founders of Protect Your Environment of Stratford passed away on July 23, 2014.  A memorial fund to Protect Your Environment was set up by her family. 

Many families living in Lordship knew Mrs. Kriksciun from her time teaching fifth grade at Lordship School and her dedication to environmental causes.  She led elementary school students on tours of the Great Meadows Marsh and shoreline areas to introduce them to the coastal environment and the importance of preserving it.


Her knowledge and wisdom concerning the ecology of Stratford's wetlands and beaches has been instilled in hundreds of Stratford students.

The idea of Protect Your Environment was created by three women walking along the seashore:  Phyllis Kriksciun, Jackie Powers Blanchard and Elinor Epler.  Tours for school children began in 1967 and have continued until the present.

A scholarship in Mrs. Kriksciun's name is presented by Protect Your Environment to two students from Lordship School who have shown a special interest in preserving our environment.
Dawn at Great Meadows Marsh September 2012



On Monday, February 8, The Stratford Town Council will vote on a resolution honoring PYE’s long-time President, Marcia Stewart.

We encourage all PYE members to please attend the town council meeting and to speak in support of the resolution.  The public forum for voicing our support begins at 6:45pm, with a sign-up sheet at the front microphone podium, in the council chambers at Stratford Town Hall. 

The PYE Board of Directors looks forward to seeing you there.

Thank you

Richard Heiden, President

Protect Your Environment of Stratford

(See resolution document below)


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'Marcia Stewart Way' request letter

Annual PYE Membership Drive
Protect Your Environment wishes to thank everyone who joined or renewed membership to PYE at the Lordship School on Election Day.  We thank you for your continued support.  

PYE List of Committments to the Environment of Stratford

Looking forward to the next 43 years

As newly elected officers of Protect Your Environment of Stratford (PYE), we are pleased to take this opportunity to reaffirm PYE’s dedication to its mission statement “To preserve and protect the environment.”

As a grassroots organization of concerned citizens, founded in 1969, PYE members will continue to actively monitor environmental issues and to educate ourselves and the public about the challenges ongoing and new to Stratford’s environmental heritage.

Our 43 year record repeatedly demonstrates that it is only through vigilance and activism that we can preserve and protects Stratford’s myriad wonderful and irreplaceable natural resources, for ourselves and for future generations. We look forward to our next 43 years.

Richard Heiden, President

Peter Bowe, Vice President
Night Heron

Click here for Species list which rely on the GREAT MEADOWS MARSH


The Stratford Tidal Marsh located at is vital to the survival of migrant bird species which, though they may not breed there, depend on it as a virtual oasis in their semi-annual migrations to and from their northern breeding grounds.


The Great Meadows Unit of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge host Ecological significance including:

  • Critical colonial water bird habitat
  • Largest complex of unditched high marsh in Connecticut
  • Provides habitat for rare plant and animal species

Any rapid and widespread decrease of these oases will result, ultimately, in the decrease of the migrants.  The Stratford marsh, serves as a winter haven for numerous species including several of our increasingly rare birds of prey. These birds depend on it as a refuge and source of food nearly as much as the summer residents that breed there.  The Great Meadows marshland constitutes for this winter population an equally vital counterpart to their own summer breeding grounds. Any of any their habitat would result in their eventual destruction.

GREAT MEADOWS MARSH41°09′36″N 73°08′06″W / 41.160°N 73.135°W / 41.160; -73.135